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  • An Introduction to the New Product-Sugar Free Pear Halves

    Sugar performs an important role within people's existence, and you will view it within cookies, brands, dishes and soups. The pear halves without sugars tend to be released by this company to meet demands who do not like sugar.
  • Sunflower Kernels in Wedding Banquets

    In China, the last dish is the sweet with sunflower kernels, peanut kernels, raisins and pumpkin kernels. Usually it is girls' favorite becuase the soft taste becuase the beautiful color and sweet and tart flavor.
  • Hot Peppers for Food

    Foreigners must know there are eight major schools of China's culinary art, and also the Sichuan cuisine could very well be typically the most popular one for that special flavor of hot peppers.
  • Drying Fruits and Nuts in Trains

    In this company you will find almost all types of drying fruits and nuts. Most Chinese people have the experiences that when you want buy in a train, you make payment for more.
  • Drying Fruits for Your Traveling

    Through the Chinese National Day, my colleagues and i visited Luoyang, and the traveling expense offered by the company, who is a professional in making drying fruits so we can have them cost-free.