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Dried Pear Halves Have Special Effect on Radiation Protection

With the fast spread of computers, nearly all people on the earth cannot work without it. Though we rely much on computers, we still concern about the effects of computer radiation to our bodies. It is common to see that cactus and aloes on desks in offices, which have effect on reduce radiation. However, on November 21, 2009, a biological scientist from the US found that pear halves have greater effect on reducing radiation. So do the fresh pears. Recently, minority offices in Silicon Valley take the pears as the radiation protection stuff.


Dried Pear Halve

For us, who need sit in front of computers as least 8 hours a day, it is good news. By the way, pears look beautiful than cacti. It is also tested that people who have pears often have less chance than people do not have any to have cold. Pears are regarded as healthy fruit or doctor in fruits by scientist and doctors.  Taking the bad air quality into consideration, dried pear halve plays a vital role in preventing our lungs from dust and smoke.

People who work in metropolises and have to face computers all day, dried pear halves is the first and ideal snack for you.